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And so it goes…..

Sometimes it is not enough to tweak my week but to tweak the day or even the hour. A flat tire changed our plans for the day. The spare is on so now to drop the flat one off somewhere for repairs. When you live an hour away from just about everything the plans definitely change.

So for today I’m inside where it’s warm and dry.

My afternoon now becomes spinning, knitting, sermonating, and music.  Sound like fun?

What do you do to help your day along when plans change?


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Monday Sabbath

As sometimes happens my original post went poof into the unknown. So, I’ll share this picture of my orchid beauty. Enjoy. 


And it snows

Settling into warmth and comfort

Wind blows

Snow moves back and forth against the window pane

Beauty resting in the ground

Beauty shimmers on the snow

I rest today embracing the snow and dreaming of spring

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Self Ministry moments

Spinning, music, and the stillness after the snow falls. 

Prayers, meditation, and song. 

Happy Friday friends. 


We’re home. 

There’s no secret to the fact that I’ve moved around a lot. This is understood and an accepted part of my life. 

There are many things that help me cope not only with the moves but with change in general. 

  1. I keep some things the same. The book shelf in this picture has travelled with me since 2008. A few of the spindles in the jar since 2006. Familiar items placed in similar rooms/windows brings a sense of continuity for me. 
  2. I Keep colour in the room. The orchid, a gift in May from Lemonville United, brings a sense of beauty and richness to the feel of the space. Ah, feels like home to me. 
  3. I Make gentle shifts as I re-work the space. From time to time the furniture will move giving a fresh start. Doing this is great in order to catch the illusive dust bunnies hiding underneath and in corners. 

Do you move around frequently or have you stayed in one space for decades?  Share how you cope if you wish. I’d love to hear your ideas. 
Til again,


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Calm morning

I’m enjoying a slow start to my day playing Skip-no with Nick. He won  this time.  We’re keeping a running score to 500. I’m ahead by 30 but that could change. 

Not sure what the day will bring but will enjoy myself. Today is a gift that I will open carefully and slowly. 

Do you have plans for the holiday?

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Some days.    

Well something was bound to happen. I was on track with my tasks today. Laundry hung outside for the first time in 2years. Everything was dry and ready to come in. And…..

The line broke. Two baskets full of dry clothes now with dried grass through out. There is always a plus to be thankful for and as with every day for the last week I’m enjoying the garden. Here’s a beauty for you:

Have a great and safe weekend. Remember if something in your life breaks find something to be thankful for. 

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