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Tweak your week Tuesday

Slow start today and as I sit at the kitchen table I’m inspired to “tweak” the clutter right out of the space. Easy?  Not likely but perhaps I can dig in my heels and “git ‘er done”.

I guess you could say I’ve got the spring cleaning bug now that the days are warmer with no hint of snow in sight.

My tasks:

  1. Clear the counter
  2. Clear the top of the fridge
  3. Tidy the plant stand in the corner

What are you “tweaking” today to make your space more welcoming?

Pictures are not edited.

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Pride and Humility

Proverbs 16:18 (NKJV)

Pride goes before destruction,
and a haughty spirit before a fall.

During our weekly bible discussion we talked about humility.  If you think you are humble does that mean in fact, you are not?

Where does humility stand out for you – in others; in yourself?

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Early spring?


March – lion, March, lamb  or the other way around.

So warm here today I sat outside with my spinning wheel and got work on some new fibers.  The yarn will be a gift for someone so I won’t show the pictures – yet.

As I continue simplify my life I’m realizing that simple is best; that simple creates calm.  Centering on simplicity has helped me to find balance – heart, home, and beyond.

Is living simply easy for you?

Til again,




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On Saturday

Saturdays are often “off” days for me.  I flutter between doing household chores and going over my sermon time and again trying to settle myself.  All this too and fro comes from a lack of focus.  On the day before Sunday one might think that focusing would come easily; most often this is not the case.

Just before noon today I decided to run my “start my day” routine.  This helps me line up the tasks for the day, making sure that nothing gets missed.  Today, besides running the sermon over and over in my head I need to photocopy for tomorrow and rehearse for a concert tonight.  Both to do list items are not part of my normal routine and thus has me somewhat flustered.  So, what’s the plan?

  1. Keep my to-do list handy
  2. Follow said list exactly
  3. Make sure there is time allotted for self-ministry
  4. Breathe, meditate, and pray

free printable to do list

What do you do when your day feels off balanced?  So you engage in moments of self-care?

I would love to read what your go-to list would be.

Til again,



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Shelter from the storm…

It’s raining, again.

I am thankful for housing that keeps me dry; housing that feels warm and gives me comfort.  I am thankful for a community of faith that keeps me strong.  I give thanks for a faith that allows me times to find shelter from the storms of life.

Where do you find shelter?  To whom do you run for comfort and support?


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New Every Morning

“New every morning is the love
our wakening and uprising prove;
through sleep and darkness safely brought,
restored to life and power and thought.”

New Every Morning Hymn Link

This hymn has been on my heart this morning. Each morning is a new beginning.  I rise thankful for a fresh start and a night of rest.

My Tuesday “Tweak” has to do with the question, “How do I manage this week after a 3 day conference?”

As much as I do enjoy being away by normal routines get thrown off balance and this time has been no different.  Toss into the mix a United Church Women Rally held Monday evening, my Sabbath day apart, and now planning a funeral service the end of the week, all the while maintaining balance in my life.

Here’s the plan:

  1. Quickly re-establish my morning routine
  2. Pick up where I left off with a couple of projects
  3. Spend time in creative endeavors that rejuvenate by body, mind, and spirit.

Does your plan for the rest of the week need special “tweaking”?

How do you jump back into normal routines after being away?

Whatever you do, I encourage you to enter this day with a grateful heart.




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Never bored

…when it’s weaving Wednesday. 

Here’s a prototype of a peg loom for me to try.   Not sure if this is something that I’ll like. The warp is hidden and the finished fabric is not tight. 
Maybe I’ll try another day. 

Do you have a project that’s waiting for the right moment or the best materials?

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