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Finished Friday

Lots accomplished today. I’m pleased with the peach jam and beans. 

Two pounds of tomatoes, our first cucumber and more yellow beans. 

Living the harvest life. 
Have a great weekend!

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Monday Musings

I laughed so hard I….fill in the blanks.

Dating myself somewhat but I lived (live) her dilemmas. I’m tall but not 6′ 2″.

Enjoy this week; we have been blessed.

Til again

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Thinking it thru….?

Another To Do List

We’ve arrived home from a wonderful few days at the Lake. Lots of sun, sand, and time to relax.

On the drive home (about 7 hours) I re-worked my list a few times trying to prioritize tomorrow. What’s really important? What needs to happen to make tomorrow a “win” for me?

Here’s the list so far:

  1. keep low carb to keep my blood sugar where it needs to be
  2. catch up on the laundry
  3. swiffer and sweep the floors
  4. clear off the counter
  5. make a list for Saturday (including prepping some fiber and canning some veggies)
  6. fully prep the Sermon for Sunday (in bold as this is work related and must happen)
  7. create my gratitude list for this week

OK so that’s 7 in my list of 6 so maybe I can take the list for Saturday off the list. (done)

Sometimes spur of the moment thinking is best – others times, not so much.

#ListersGottaList, right?

What’s on your Friday list?

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Zero Waste Wednesday #3

Looks kind of messy but the resulting juice, although sour, is tasty. Nick enjoys a bit of cranberry juice each day and since I had some frozen cranberries I decided to make some juice.

There will be no waste. The remaining pulp and 1/2 bag of frozen berries will be made into cranberry sauce.

What ways are you working towards less waste?

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Motivation Monday

When I watched the following video I felt encouraged to keep on. Nick and I are working our small, urban homestead (really just a small rabbitry and garden at the manse) and like all who endeavor to garden and grow their own food, from time to time we come across discouragements.

Some young families are doing great things in their corner of this world and I am encouraged by all they do.

The “Fit Farmer” (Mike Dickson) and his family are one of these families. We follow them on YouTube and know that they are a hard working couple raising their children outside of what most of us would see as “normal”.

Thank you “Fit Farmer” for sharing your stories with all of us.

I invite you to check out the video and be motivated in whatever task you put your hand to today.

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Suddenly it’s Saturday

Like I didn’t know it was coming?  ha, ha, ha

Saturdays are often quiet days for me.  We work together on the family budget, tidy up loose ends from the week, and I finalize my Sermon.  I go over the message in my head all week, the key points that speak to me and that I think will be relevant to those who listen, but, Saturday is when it comes together. (or at least that’s the plan)

We went to town yesterday to get the oil changed and to shop for groceries. The day was bright and beautiful.  We enjoyed the drive and the time together. However, the entire day felt like a Saturday so now I feel off somehow.

Things accomplished so far:

  1. family budget
  2. new business budgets for both Highland Pines and Denaliguide
  3. canning dill pickles (click on picture for recipe)
  4. bagging zucchini chips that dehydrated over night
dill pickles

Still on the to do list:

  1. care for the bunnies
  2. finish sermon
  3. spinning and knitting
  4. 1 load of laundry
  5. make humus

The evening will come and go and I hope to mark all as done.

Can you tell by how you feel what day it is?

Til again,


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Zero Waste Wednesday #2

We’ve been enjoying our zucs this summer. Last evening I sliced one and made chips in the dehydrator. They’re great with butter or humus. 

Today I sliced another piece of a larger one in long strips to be dehydrated. I’m testing storage for the winter to use as a pasta substitute. 

Waste ?  Nothing. The edges and ends went to the bunnies as a treat. Most often the surplus, unusable pieces would go into soup stock or the compost. 
Here’s a peak at today’s harvest.  Have a great day!

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