In the kitchen with Doll, Friday

Ok, so I’m really enjoying my dive into Sour Dough baking.

Each loaf is getting better and better and tastes really great. We’ve enjoyed the bread with butter, peanut butter, sunflower butter, whipped cream cheese, Nutella, and jam. Well, not all at the same time but definitely some great combinations.

For Lent I will be taking the bread time to move into prayer and mediation and the cost of the bread to our Missions fund. However, I could squeeze in a loaf or two to share with family, friends, or neighbours. Place your order early. I bake twice a week currently.

How many more days till spring? Well, who’s counting besides me.

Happy baking all.

Till again,


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And then there were 20

No, I’m not speaking about rabbits, although that could have been the case a couple of years ago.

During my journal time yesterday I outlined fully what the steps are in my morning routine; my start my day (SMD). I wrote these in order and was surprised that I had 20 steps, 20 things that were on auto pilot.

I won’t list them here since some things are very personal and unique to me and in our current situation.

Here’s the list

  • SMD – morning ablutions
  • Coffee and prep for Nick’s breakfast ( I usually fast)
  • Make bed and start laundry
  • Journal, plan, pray
  • Kitchen tidy and daily food prep
  • Catch up on favourite YouTubes OR go to work/church

Seems straightforward. What would I add? A morning walk while meditating. Also include some lemon water before coffee.

Do you have a morning routine? If so does it need some tweaking?

Let me know your thoughts.

Till again,


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It’s got a name!

I finally got around to naming my sour dough starter.

Blessing 1

Blessing2 is white flour only.

I’ve been tweaking recipes and techniques since last fall and have finally created a product I like. Here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. Patience. I cannot rush a good bread. Time is needed to bulk ferment and to rest.
  2. A baneton basket helps
  3. Scoring is important
  4. My best result comes from placing the dough in a cold oven and baking at 450F for 1 hour, covered
  5. Patience again. I need to let the bread 🍞 cool before slicing
  6. Some days the starter needs some love to boost its strength

There are lots of YouTube videos that explain recipes in detail. The process is not difficult as long as you have patience.

Here’s to great baking.

Till again,


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In the kitchen with Doll

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It’s Thursday not Tuesday.

Have a listen/look and see what that means.

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Zero Waste Wednesday

This is day 10 of 90

How do you cut down on waste in your daily life?

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Tweak your week Tuesday

Day 2 of 90 Vlog

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Motivation Monday

I’ve challenged myself to create and post for 90 days. Here’s #1.

What is motivating you today?

I invite you to like, if you do, and follow my YouTube videos.

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Fabulous Friday 😎

How’s the day for you? Is it fabulous? Fun? Freaky?

Not everyone looks forward to the end of the week. For some the weekend means time at home, or time with family. If you have wonderful people around you I encourage you to enjoy the moments as they come. If those around you cause you stress perhaps find those small moments that bring a smile to your heart.

Here’s a peak at my Friday bullet journal:

Fabulous Friday

I was stuck this morning as I waited for inspiration for a doodle. Then the poppy popped into my head then onto the page.

My journal process in its simplest form takes me about 15 minutes while enjoying my coffee. Some days I do much, much more.

On the needles:

  • Mittens that were ordered for Christmas
  • Teal sock , ongoing
  • Marled sweater
  • Surprise sweater

On the wheel: multi-coloured blue for an entralac scarf

The goal this weekend is to finish the first of 3 pairs of mitts. This is doable

Do you have plans for the weekend?

What ever you do I hope you find times to smile and laugh. If not, find a cozy place and care for yourself..

Til again,


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Entrelac Knit-along

So I’ve begun.


Join me.

Have you chosen yarn? Found a pattern? Ravelry has a free pattern. Nimbleneedles has a great tutorial that really helped me to find clarity.

I’m not going to give you step by step instructions but will share my progress here, on Facebook and Instagram. On November 30th ,I’ll draw names from those who hash tag #entrelackal with pics for a special gift.

Let’s have fun creating together.


*edited to change draw date to 30th November 2021

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