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On Saturday

Saturdays are often “off” days for me.  I flutter between doing household chores and going over my sermon time and again trying to settle myself.  All this too and fro comes from a lack of focus.  On the day before Sunday one might think that focusing would come easily; most often this is not the case.

Just before noon today I decided to run my “start my day” routine.  This helps me line up the tasks for the day, making sure that nothing gets missed.  Today, besides running the sermon over and over in my head I need to photocopy for tomorrow and rehearse for a concert tonight.  Both to do list items are not part of my normal routine and thus has me somewhat flustered.  So, what’s the plan?

  1. Keep my to-do list handy
  2. Follow said list exactly
  3. Make sure there is time allotted for self-ministry
  4. Breathe, meditate, and pray

free printable to do list

What do you do when your day feels off balanced?  So you engage in moments of self-care?

I would love to read what your go-to list would be.

Til again,



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Shelter from the storm…

It’s raining, again.

I am thankful for housing that keeps me dry; housing that feels warm and gives me comfort.  I am thankful for a community of faith that keeps me strong.  I give thanks for a faith that allows me times to find shelter from the storms of life.

Where do you find shelter?  To whom do you run for comfort and support?


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New Every Morning

“New every morning is the love
our wakening and uprising prove;
through sleep and darkness safely brought,
restored to life and power and thought.”

New Every Morning Hymn Link

This hymn has been on my heart this morning. Each morning is a new beginning.  I rise thankful for a fresh start and a night of rest.

My Tuesday “Tweak” has to do with the question, “How do I manage this week after a 3 day conference?”

As much as I do enjoy being away by normal routines get thrown off balance and this time has been no different.  Toss into the mix a United Church Women Rally held Monday evening, my Sabbath day apart, and now planning a funeral service the end of the week, all the while maintaining balance in my life.

Here’s the plan:

  1. Quickly re-establish my morning routine
  2. Pick up where I left off with a couple of projects
  3. Spend time in creative endeavors that rejuvenate by body, mind, and spirit.

Does your plan for the rest of the week need special “tweaking”?

How do you jump back into normal routines after being away?

Whatever you do, I encourage you to enter this day with a grateful heart.




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Never bored

…when it’s weaving Wednesday. 

Here’s a prototype of a peg loom for me to try.   Not sure if this is something that I’ll like. The warp is hidden and the finished fabric is not tight. 
Maybe I’ll try another day. 

Do you have a project that’s waiting for the right moment or the best materials?

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Spinning Saturday

I am often spinning more than one fiber and more than one method. This week I’ve been working on an unknown wool that I purchased from Canadian Wool Growers in Carleton Place Ontario. The fiber was washed when I picked it up so I carded some to see what it was like.  

This is not a soft, luxurious fiber but will do nicely for mitts or as a warp on my loom. I’m currently using a spindle purchased last May and had no make attached. Spins like a dream.  I haven’t decided if this should be 2 or 3 ply. As it’s going into my stash I’m undecided. Also, should I dye it or leave it as it is?  Oh the decisions of spinners!

Are you working on your craft/art today?

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A normal day

A Thursday like any other I suppose. Morning routines completed, chores in process, music rehearsed, sermons ready for the weekend, and of course some fiber work thrown in as part of the household norm. 

I rinsed these skeins to set the twist and am so happy to be able to dry them outside. I might dye them later but I’m waiting to see what my Pi shawl looks like before I add a border.  There’s always creative choices when prepping wool. The process is why I enjoy the work so much. 

Is there part of your day that allows for your creativity to shine?

Be who you are, where you are. 

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Tweaking Tuesday

I love rainy days especially when I can stay home.  The darkness of the day reminds me of times at a cottage when I could sit and read or play cards.  Basically the rain seemed to slow me down, forcing me to rest and take care.

Most often I hear from people the old tale that rainy days get them down.  The heavy atmospheric pressure can certainly lead to headaches and feeling blue – some of which I cannot control.  However, if there is no headache in sight then I can choose to take this slower day as a gift or wallow in sorrow because the sun is not shining.

So, what do I do to take control of a slower day?

  • I plan my time so that I am not left feeling that the day is lost.  Currently I using a planner from MAMBI   .  My dated Happy Planner (that’s what they are called) is an 18 month and finishes in December.  The second planner I use is more of a journal that tracks for 13 weeks. Best Self Journal is a hard covered book with numbered pages and places to create and track your goals.  I used both of these books everyday as part of my Start My Day routine. (I have no affiliation with these 2 companies, just a fan)
  • Once my SMD routine is completed then I look at the plan and execute.  On a dark day like today I have knitting, spinning, and carding all listed as part of my fiber work.  These craft activities help keep me centered and relaxed.  Besides, just because it’s rainy and gloomy I don’t need to sit around and mope.
  • Filling my water bottles and planning meals also helps to lift my spirits.  Being hydrated is good for my health and planning meals means I’m not stuck wondering what’s in the fridge.

What activities to you engage in when life seems dark and gloomy?  I’d love to hear your ideas – what works and what clearly does not help.

Of course, music and a great voice can help on any day.


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