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Motivation Monday

Earlier this morning the day seemed dark and gloomy so I decided to brighten up my life a bit with sunshine spinning.

Merino blend/yellow food colouring

I’m spinning 2 ply on a small Ashford spindle. It’s light and spins like a dream.

What do you do to brighten your day? Leave a comment below.

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Happy Sunday

As the rain gently falls

Life becomes richer, calm

Cleaning and refreshing.

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Work in progress Wednesday

Life is a work in progress. Life as we’ve known it is changing. Life goes on.

My works in progress:

  • Spring cleaning
  • Knitting and spinning
  • Ministry tasks that keep changing form
  • The bunny barn
Time to clean it out

There are 5 3day old kits – a true work in progress. They are warm and have full bellies. She’s such a good mom.

Cleaning of the barn can’t happen until the temperature warms up. Hopefully later this week I can fill the wheel barrow.

What are your works in progress today? Join the conversation here and on FaceBook

TIL again, Doll

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For the beauty of the earth

I give thanks. 

Final got the light just right with my iPad. The colours this year have been and are stunning. 

Where have you found beauty today?

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Enjoying the garden – what’s on your plate?

Everything on the plate except the olives, oil, and sausage came from our garden. Fermented dill pickles and tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, and grilled eggplant and zucinni. Perhaps it would have looked like more on a smaller plate but it was filling. I forgot the fresh herbs.  Next time.

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Just because….

Happy Friday!

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Zero Waste Wednesday 

There’s been a flurry of activity in the kitchen this week. Corn relish, sweet and sour sauce, and stewed tomatoes are beginning to line the shelves. 

The bottom jar has powdered tomato skins to be used in soups etc.  The peels were in the dehydrator over night and then into the blender. I’m really happy with the outcome. One more item, although small, kept out of the garbage or compost. 
Bottom line: try to use as much of a product as possible. You know the old saying, “waste not, want not”.

Now if I could curb the “want-me” thinking I’d be good to go. 

Til again,


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Tweak Your Week Tuesday

Well, it’s definitely allergy season. Last evening I spent time in the garden. This morning my allergies have kicked into high gear. Perhaps the day will be slower than yesterday but I will embrace it none-the-less.

The sunflowers are soaking up the beautiful sunshine. 

You can’t gauge the height from these photos but the tall one in the back garden is close to 10 feet.

Will you do the same?

Note the maple in the distance – slowly changing colour.

Soak in the day.

Til again.

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Momentum Monday 

I generally take Monday and Tuesday’s as my days off and will set time within each day for Sabbath rest. 

Today is all about the harvest. Fruit relish is cooking down. All the tomatoes are from our garden. The house smells like a pickle factory.  Well, that’s what my imagination is telling me. 

A pot of corn relish is on the opposite burner. Corn relish is my favourite. I’m not sure how many pints it will yield but I’m looking forward to the results. 

Can I keep the momentum going?  I have a bushel of tomatoes waiting in the wings. Today? Tomorrow?  Who knows. For now a wee break for my tired feet. 

What’s keeping you going today?

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Momentum Mondays

I’m reminded of Dory in Finding Nemo singing, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming”.

Some days are like that. Nose to the grindstone, follow that plan, do what needs doing – and on and on. Well, today was one of those days. I followed the plan and executed all necessary steps to get to the end of the day with no regrets or feeling like I should have…

How was your Monday? Did you celebrate Labor Day with friends and family, or stay home and rest?

I miss the parades and special events that happened on this day when I was growing up. However, today was well spent and I’m ready for what ever comes my way this week.

Do you have a plan? When Nick says, “I have a plan” I tend to get nervous. Ha, Ha, Ha.

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