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Procrastination…I’ll do it later.

Many of us know what this is.  We put our “to-do” lists together and instead of crossing things off as they are accomplished we move them to the next day.  If I were to look back over the last couple of weeks I’d see the same items on my to do list.  Oh the critical items get done; those things that are date specific like assignments but why oh why do I wait to the last day to complete?

Is this a genetic thing going on inside my head?  Perhaps I’m prone to distraction – like – oh look at that pretty bird that just flew by my window.  Half hour later the bird is gone but I’ve moved on to something else; the task left undone.

One thing for sure though, I no longer wait until 2 am to finish assignments; no longer do I start the laundry at 11 pm.

But wait!  You might have guessed.  This blog post is itself an act of procrastination.  I have 3 items on my list for the afternoon.  All of which I could put off until tomorrow or even this evening but for some reason I made sure that these tasks were written down when I planned my day.  Here’s my simple plan that (on some days) actually work for me.Calendar

  1.  List only 3 tasks for the day.

Once they are completed and crossed off, list 3 more. The idea of 3 seems to work well for me.

  1. Make these items concrete.  I have 3 places where I do this.
  • Hand written in my journal
  • Set the times in my google calendar
  • I use Simpleology.com to help me focus my day.
  1. Refer back to the list

This is a crucial step for me.  Since I can be easily distracted it’s really important for me to go back to my list for the day.  Checking in frequently could mean a more positive out-come.

 You may have no worries or problems with getting things done.  Procrastination may not be an issue in your life.  I’m so happy for you, truly.  However, I believe there are many of us who belong to the “do it later” club and if my little blog has given you some helpful hints I’m happy with my momentary laps into the field of planned procrastination.

The blog is called “Tweak you week” for a reason.  Each day we tweak our calendars, our to do lists, our menus etc.  I’m here to let you know that we’re in this ride of life together. Buckle up – it might get a little bumpy but we’re sure going to enjoy the trip.

Til again,


p.s. the numbering system above wouldn’t let me change from the #1 to list 3 points.  Oh well, guess they are all #1 on my list!

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