When your time-line takes over……..

I’m working diligently right now to keep my life in perspective.  This is when “Tweaking” becomes the norm and steadfast routines help in daily survival.


Here is the time-line:

  1. May 1st , travel 6 hrs to pick up keys for new home and start the settle-in process
  2. May 4th, travel 6 hrs to prep for Sunday worship
  3. May 11th, final Concert
  4. May 12th, service, lunch, and celebration
  5. May 13th, final pack, load the truck, travel 6 hrs, unload truck – breathe
  6. May 15th, travel 2 hrs to pick up the dog, travel 2 hrs home
  7. May 17th, rehearsal for family wedding  (2 hrs one way and back)
  8. May 18th, family wedding and celebration (2hrs one way and back)
  9. May 19th, worship at new church home for the first time
  10. May 20th  HOLIDAY!
  11. May 25th travel 6 hrs back to do final clean up in old apartment
  12. May 26th, final service in Stittsville; drive 6 hrs home
  13. June 1st, start new career as a student Minister
  14. June 2nd, first time in the pulpit
  15. June 10th, fly to Regina, training
  16. June 21st, fly home


I rarely use a wall calendar preferring to keep everything on my lap top BUT this needed to be mapped out in a really big way.

This is the end and a new beginning for me.  A change in city, career path, and focus.

“I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me.”Philippians 4:13

Each day, each moment, and in each little step I hear the words,

“I can!”

Christ put a call on my heart that can no longer by denied or ignored.  Is there a call on your life?  Do you find yourself wondering which way to turn?

I encourage you to listen and to walk in faith.

Blessings to you.

4 comments on “When your time-line takes over……..

  1. Not only YOU CAN !! YOU CAN BREATHE, 1, 2, 3, BREATHE

  2. I feel sometimes overwhelmed by my schedule too! I have to remind myself, one thing at a time 🙂

  3. What a wonderful change your life is going through too, Doll! Just an amazing step forward for your soul.

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