My 40 Days of Intention Experiment: Day 20

My intention today is to listen to my calling.


Each of us is “called” to something.  Our life’s focus draws us to an energy much bigger than anything we can imagine.

Sometimes we miss the call.  There are times when we don’t really listen.  Perhaps it’s easier to just let the phone ring.

Vintage rotary phone

What if we pick up the phone and really listen to that inner voice? But, what happens when we answer that call?

Ok, so you might hear or be inspired to do something new or something so grand that fear pulls you up short.  You allow fear to determine the out come. Are you really listening?  Is there too much static on the line?

I believe I’ve received the messages many times in my life then turned away.  I became distracted with what I thought people expected of me.

Over the last couple of years I’ve been going through a process of “formal discernment”.  I’ve been facing this voice head on and with both ears ready to listen.

I’m listening to the voice of possibilities and of love.

There is a bigger plan for my life.

There is the ongoing fear of… what if.

Today I listen.  I will use all my perceptive gifts to feel this call.  I face the fear of criticism.  I face the fear of my inner doubts.

Learning from yesterday, I accept and say YES to the call on my life.

What about you?

2 comments on “My 40 Days of Intention Experiment: Day 20

  1. Well said, and so true!

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