My 40 Days of Intention Experiment: Day 15

Normally I write the first thing in the morning but today was not part of “normal” for me.  As I sat down with my morning coffee I got pulled into the vortex of my work.

I know better.  I know how important keeping  my routines are to my over-all well-being.

So my evening intention is to laugh and laugh and laugh!

Some one during our rehearsal last night mentioned laughing yoga.  I had never heard of anything like it but will do my research.  A belly laugh does a spirit good!  This much I do know.

In our Lenten reading today the focus is on drawing nearer to God.  I to believe that whether our days are filled with extra stresses and sadness or filled with such love and joy that we want to burst, we can be near to God.

We so often move away; apart from the world to find the quiet place to listen and hear the voice of Spirit within us.  I do this often. My quiet time with God is very important to my inner balance.

However, I do know that it’s equally good for me to be with others; to share in joyful moments.  I love to laugh.  I don’t have a dainty little giggle though.  My laugh is full and hearty.  Perhaps not what some would call “lady-like”.  My laugh is mine!

My evening laughter will balance some of the deep, heaviness I’ve walked through this week.  I intend to laugh. I intend to laugh out loud.

Not sure what will stir me but my choices are:

  • 3 Stooges
  • Mr Bean
  • Big Bang Theory
  • watching my dog play in the deep snow
  • making a snow man? (well, maybe not)

What makes you laugh?  Do you see fun times and humor through everyday living?

Is God in those moments with you?

Here’s a good laugh for you…I dare you to watch and not laugh – even just a little

And then classic Mr. Bean:

Enjoy your evening of laughter!

3 comments on “My 40 Days of Intention Experiment: Day 15

  1. Like singing, laughter has the sweet flavor of dessert for the soul.

  2. At my last Youth Ministry meeting, the teens seemed unusually uptight. So, I just busted out laughing, you know, the ugly, not-so-lady-like-laugh you mentioned, for no apparent reason at all. I kept it up, while they initially thought I had finally lost it, it didn’t take long, maybe a minute, for everyone to join us. Laughing is contagious!

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