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My 40 Days of Intention Experiment: Day 13

My intention today is to find my quiet center.

Day 13 is about Judgement.

Pictures of pearly gates and St. Pete come to mind.

My head really isn’t there – at least not today.  So instead I’ll share my lists.

Each morning I set my intention and create 3 simple lists.


(what I do to take care of me)

  1. shower
  2. spin or knit
  3. listen to an online Sermon

To Do

  1. work
  2. bathroom clean up
  3. laundry

Success Steps

(what I do to help me reach a goal)

  1. Belly Fit
  2. fill in forms for Presbytery
  3. green smoothie for lunch

All of these are my actual lists for today. They very each day and help me to stay on track.  Some days everything gets checked off – others, none.


We’re in the middle of a massive snow storm.  We have limited power and from what I’ve seen – limited traction.  No one has been in or out of our apartment building so, I should be able to tackle some of my list if not all of it.  Kind of difficult to work with a fitness DVD when the power is out. (and I won’t use my limited battery on my laptop)  A walk with the dog might be an alternative.

You can’t really see the snow falling in this picture but it’s coming down in really big flakes and is very pretty.

This post has been more of a narrative of my day then deep spiritual questioning.  Perhaps that’s really what today is all about.  Normal routines and basic living are part of how we live.  My spinning today will help me to connect with that quiet center that I long for.

How about you?  Do you long for “normal” days? Would you rather tackle a regular routine today or dig deeply into your spirit connection?  Perhaps the ideal would be both.

Enjoy the day for whatever it brings you.


One comment on “My 40 Days of Intention Experiment: Day 13

  1. So spot-on. How many times, I often wonder, would I have done better to find that spot and be reflective rather than reactive, lessons learned I hope.

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