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My 40 Days of Intention Experiment: Day 14

Today’s intention:  I am aware of the Spirit’s healing on my life.   My morning wake-up today was like this: back is tender eyes are burning nose is stuffy body is stiff God, are you here? Ok – so God is not going to just come into my life and heal my back, my eyes, […]

My 40 Days of Intention Experiment: Day 13

My intention today is to find my quiet center. Day 13 is about Judgement. Pictures of pearly gates and St. Pete come to mind. My head really isn’t there – at least not today.  So instead I’ll share my lists. Each morning I set my intention and create 3 simple lists. Self-Ministry (what I do […]

My 40 Days of Intention Experiment: Day 12

My intention today is to be accepting of myself. Day 12 of Diving Deeply:  I cannot flee.   Where ever you go, there you are.   This is so true.  You can run or walk away from a situation or circumstance but your thoughts, feelings and decisions are with you. More importantly, so is God. […]

My 40 Days of Intention Experiment: Day 11

My intention today is to feel what others feel.   Galations 6:2 Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ.     I want to be aware.  I want to look at those who speak with me and understand where they are on their journey. So many are in pain […]

Second Sunday in Lent

My Intention today is to focus on my purpose. In ministry I share my faith and my talents.  I often wonder if its enough. Do I give enough time? Do I give enough of my resources?  Today I want to dig deeper. Am I able to “feed my sheep”? How do you give back? Please […]

My 40 Days of Intention Experiment: Day 10

My intention for today is to find rest. I pause today to meditate, relax, laugh,find joy, and to give thanks for my amazing life! In the reading this morning I am challenged to be strong, courageous, and steadfast in my resolve. I’ve written in my blogs over the years about the winding and sometimes bumpy […]

My 40 Days of Intention Experiment: Day 9

My intention today is to remain in balance. Today I’m reminded of the importance of my time with God.  My days begin like this: reading for the day writing in my journal hot beverage (ok…so it’s coffee most days) reflection and meditation Writing on my blog has become part of the morning experience for me. Here’s what […]

My 40 Days of Intention Experiment: Day 8

My Intention today is to BE! The reading today is about being.  These words were suggested: “When I needed a neighbour, were you there, were you there? And the creed and the colour and the name won’t matter, were you there? I was hungry and thirsty, were you there, were you there? I was cold, […]

My 40 Days of Intention Experiment: Day 7

My intention for today:  I am lifted up! Today’s “Diving Deeply” is all about being lifted up. Who can I lift up today? So many are struggling friends family neighbours Some I’m able to speak with, others are out of reach. Whether I am present with someone and am able to share a hug or […]

My 40 Days of Intention Experiment: Day 6

My intention:  Today I CAN!! Day 6:  We are not alone. Say this 3 times out loud: “I am not alone”   Sing it. Draw it. Shout it. Dance it.  Live it.  Believed it. One of my biggest fears in life has been that I would end up alone – truly alone. Long ago I […]

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