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Sour dough bread process

Final product

I was recently asked about the amount of time it takes me to create a loaf of sour dough bread. I thought I’d document my process.


Total of these steps took about 15 minutes. Now I let the shaggy dough rest for an hour.

After the first stretch and fold. Resting now for 30 minutes.

After one more stretch and fold. Now I wait 4-6 hours for the bulk ferment to happen. I could do one more stretch and fold but there’s lots of strength in this dough already.

Bench rest after 4 hours of rise time. Now 20 minutes to final shape.

20 min. Bench rest then reshape. Cover in plastic and placed in the fridge for overnight ferment.

Fresh from the oven

Baked in a cold oven, cold Dutch oven. Temp: 450 for 1 hr 5 min. Next to impossible to slice when fresh but great for tearing and dipping in soup or stew.

Total hands on? 30 minutes. Lots of resting and patiently waiting time but so worth it.


  • Starter made with all purpose and rye flour
  • Dough Mixed with flour, water, and salt. Simple. Dairy/fat free.

We’ll friends, that’s the process. I find working with the dough to be restful and time well spent.

I offer loaves of sour dough bread to friends and family. With a small percentage of sales going to outreach needs.

When would you like yours?

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Doll’s Daily Bread Day 2

Sour dough cooling, waiting.
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In the kitchen

Advent candles and sour dough bread. Great moments for Monday.

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Monday – let’s get moving

Best practices to begin the week with motivation:

  • Morning rise and shine routines
  • Plan some fresh air
  • Plan the day with positive intentions

Today was a beautiful day to get outside; a balmy 20C.

The morning fell into place according to my regular routines. I’m so glad that these routines or habits are so in place that I follow step by step the same each morning.

Do you have routines in place to keep your motivation moving forward throughout the day?

Leave a comment below if you’d like to share.

Til again,


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Morning moments

Some random thoughts as the week begins.

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In the kitchen with Doll – update

Fresh sour dough bread, starter, and dried starter.

I love baking bread 🥖 especially sour dough. There’s nothing quick about this bread. Patience is the word of the day. From start to finish I learn to wait. Hard part? Waiting for the bread to cool before slicing.

Do you find waiting easy. I’d love to know.

Blessings, Doll

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Sabbath Monday

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In the kitchen with Doll

Thursday, April 21, 2022

A quick update.

God bless,


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Motivation Monday

We’re two weeks away from celebrating Easter; six weeks until Mother’s Day and so on.

One of the problems, as I see it, is that we jump from holiday to holiday; from special moments to special celebrations. We’re often looking for that next big family dinner or gathering.

But, what about the days in between. We have many “normal” days. We rise, work or do chores, plan meals, eat, etc. Perhaps what is needed is that small celebration each and every day.

Living frugally as Nick and I do, these daily moments come from creativity. Travelling to visit with family on the spur of the moment, buying flowers for a friend, going for walks to witness spring in action. Each time we follow our hearts, our intentions to find a small light in the day, we lift each other up. Our steps become light, the conversation turns to joy.

These small things may only last a moment or two but add value to each day.

The question that came across my desk a few years ago was, “When did you last dance? When did you last sing?” I’ll add my own – When did I last engage in something creative, using my imagination? When did I last write in my journal?

How about you? When did you last…..? Let’s motivate ourselves to find some joy today.

Til again,


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Slow days

Slow knitting. I have been reminded lately that it’s ok to slow down.

My life is generally pretty quiet but within that peaceful life is a feeling of unrest. Something I can’t quite put my finger on keeps my head and heart spinning. ( not in the way I like to spin🧶.

I’m working on a double knit hot pad. For me, this is very slow knitting. I’m changing colours and going between knit and purl stitches. Plain knitting, especially in the round, is much quicker for me.

So, I slow down. I knit or purl each stitch with thought and intention. The day moves slowly as does my knitting.

Is there something you do regularly that you’ve intentionally slowed down to enjoy?

Till again,


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