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June and an over-due post.

Our experiment with 100 Mile-Diet was not followed thru.  Planning such an endeavor in March in Eastern Ontario was not a well thought out venture.  So we move on and are now in the process of planting our vegetable garden in order to fulfill this dream of living sustain-ably, closer to home.

I will, however, share my latest (2nd) video about our rabbits.

Part of our small, urban-ish homestead involves caring for the rabbits.

We have been very blessed to have a home with space and a manse committee that said yes to us raising these critters.

No matter how my week goes; how my day flows, the rabbits are part of the routine that ground me back to reality.  They need to be fed, watered, trays cleaned, records kept etc.  I may be fatigued or in a bad mood.  They don’t care – they just need care.

Isn’t that how we are as well?

Til  again,


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And so it begins – 100 mile living

Nick and I have pondered, planned, and yes, even perspired some as we looked at just how Lent would play out for us and how the spiritual nature of Lent would blend with our 100 Mile plan.

100 mile map

Some out of region items will need to be included such as a few supplements, medications, etc.  However, as I looked at how we would make this work I also realized that we are doing this as a Lenten practice so there will be an element of thinking this is hard (and it will be) and giving up (salty and sweet quick trips to the store), and impulse purchases.

Tomorrow we will be heading up valley and west to Forest Cove Farm and Country Market to purchase some micro greens and other wonderful local veggies. Then as we journey home we’ll stop in at Brums Dairy.

How does this become a Lenten Practice?  Good question.  We’ve looked at how we support our local communities and consume better products.  As we track how many times we choose not to purchase those items that are not really good for us,we will share the savings with the local food bank here in Denbigh.

Also, 100 Mile Living moves beyond food to not purchasing more stuff. So for my fiber friends that means I won’t be shopping on your websites or taking a walk through Michaels just because I can. (impulse purchases can be tough to control).

Throughout Lent I will be focusing on what is important in my life: family and friends, good food, and wasting less. (time and resources)

Do you have a focus for Lent this year?


Are you rocking the boat?

This week’s gospel reading has Jesus walking on water, Peter surprised, waves crashing, and ….

What came to my mind was this:

There are a lot of versions but this is the one that I go to.

With the reading there’s an issue of trust; trusting our eyes, our hearts, and in the impossible.

I doodled this picture as I was preparing: The cross is the anchor. (well really it was where I placed the rudder – at the wrong end)

I wonder if that’s what happens to us sometimes.  We get busy and don’t remember up from down or right from wrong.  Perhaps we just take our eyes off what’s important.

What’s rockin’ your boat today?

What has your focus?


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100 Mile Diet

We’re three weeks until Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent.  This year I plan on something quite different.  Enter the 100 Mile Diet.  I’ve made a list of those items I know I can get locally and a list of other items either out of season or just not available to me here in the upper Ottawa Valley. I’ve come up with a plan of my must haves and can live with-outs just to get started. I know about how far the 100 mile circle takes me.  So I’ll dive in with that in mind.

The blanket of snow this morning, although beautiful, is not conducive to spring veggies and the like.  This is my current plan:

  1. Limit coffee to Madawaska Coffee Co. – expensive but not impossible. Yes, I know, coffee is not 100 Mile.
  2. Limit tea to what is in the pantry.  I’ll forage for spruce buds for tea when I run out.
  3. Meat – from a great butcher near by. (Milligan Meats)  milliganmeatsincbizcardjpeg.jpg
  4. Grain and hay for the rabbits from a local farm
  5. Grow lots of sprouts and micro greens
  6. Flour from a 100 mile mill (currently using spelt to make sour dough)
  7. Dairy from local sources

In order to make this work for 40 days I will need to eat out of the cupboards but being mindful as I do so.

What’s out of reach?

Lemons, limes, avocados, bananas – you get the picture.

I’ll let you know how I/we make out.  Plans for the garden have these ideas in mind.

Here’s a short article to get started: https://www.besthealthmag.ca/best-you/green-living/6-tips-to-help-you-follow-the-100-mile-diet/


What’s next?  Local clothing made with local materials, recycled fabrics, and good business practices.  Stay tuned for what’s next.


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My afternoon view

Saturday afternoons have a different flow from the normal Monday thru Friday. I fine tune the sermon for Sunday, continue knitting/spinning projects, and enjoy the view. 

The orchid was a gift from Lemonville. The woodpecker, a gift from the universe. The white stuff?  That’s left over from the snow fall last night. 

I’m so grateful to live and serve in Denbigh. Our home is warm and cozy. Life is full of many blessings. 

Where do you see blessings?

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It’s Friday

It’s Friday
Have a great weekend. 

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Thrilling Thursday!



Don’t you just love days when the atmosphere around you is filled with hope?  I do.  Such enthusiasm was apparent at a church meeting this morning.  Fund raising activities and ideas brought excitement and joy to the table.

I know, not all meetings can be like this.  Let’s face it meetings can be pretty dry.  Do they have to be?  What needs to happen to move them forward?

Many folk I know have a feeling of dread when they anticipate  board-room settings, with talks of over-spending, and under-funding. I get it.  Sometimes I’m the same way.  The key is to look for the positive and bring to light all that creates energy.  At least try to balance out the heavy “stuff” with laughter and perhaps even song.

Are you dreading an upcoming meeting?  What steps can you take to perhaps enliven the time you meet?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Blessings abound.


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